Representative Council Minutes Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Secretary’s Report:

Reminder – FEA has gone paperless and minutes/agendas will now be sent electronically. Register for Icontact communication at
please do.

A thank you note was received from Mollie Reynolds thanking the FEA for the Scholarship she received last June.

Treasurer’s Report:

Katie passed out a balance sheet from December. She has 1099 forms completed for officers. Our membership list is consistent with the MTA list. Communication with Rick Zeena has been helpful in keeping track of membership. Katie spoke with Zeena about the seniority list and the difference between your year of hire and years of service. They are working to resolve the issue. 2011 Dues amounts: Teachers $740.78, Paras $251.70, Custodians $411.07.

Membership: Nothing to report.

Presidents’ Report: Steve and Beth have been attending lunches at schools to meet with available staff. Beth is planning on visiting Reingold on Friday (2/7). Lunches have been very successful with new members stepping in to communication roles at Crocker, Reingold, South Street and McKay/FAA. We are very excited!

Beth, Patty, Kathy, Pauline and Jill went to a follow-up training for the FCLA through MTA that was begun last year. There is an additional training in Marlboro on March 16 & 17, (we will be home in the afternoon in plenty of time for St. Patrick’s Day) Beth is looking for volunteers to attend this training.

There is still a lot of room for volunteers for Race to the Top Committees. Teacher Evaluation Committee is one that needs more people. Beth is going to send out an updated list highlighting areas that need more volunteers.

A very small group met to discuss emerging themes. They talked about a lot of comments that have been made at meetings regarding issues in the district. Classroom behavioral disruptions were discussed. Discussion ensued.

Beth gave a packet to the school committee regarding Interest Based Bargaining, in the hopes that we may implement a new and more efficient way to negotiate a new contract. Anyone who may be interested in attending training if it is available will be welcome to attend. Please send Beth an email to express interest.

PR&R: Adam has issues that are under discussion and is hoping to report findings next month. If the AP grant is awarded another meeting may have to be held to discuss how to proceed. There is concern about moving ahead outside of contract negotiations.

ESP Para Unit Report: Negotiations are ongoing; they are meeting at the beginning of February. A grievance was settled regarding the first day of school pay. The Para conference is being held in March in Hyannis, anyone who is interested should contact a building rep.

Custodial Unit Report: A member of the custodial unit who worked at Crocker, David Fletcher passed away.

A request has been made to open negotiations.

Old Business:

PEC update- A sub-committee of the PEC (reps from Fire, Police, Teacher and Para unit) has met with the mayor numerous times to date. She is willing to negotiate a plan benefit plan with the PEC. If an agreement can be reached by today, she will not go to the City Council to adopt the law giving her the sole right to design the plan. Expect to hear more news via Icontact, and expect to have a general meeting with details within the next few weeks.

Other: Evelyn attended the minority affairs event with Linda Mason. Evelyn shared a note from Linda Mason. They both found the workshop very informative and useful. Evelyn thanked the council for the opportunity to attend the event. Beth hopes that by keeping up attendance at these events, we may be able to help Central Office with recruiting new staff members.

It is time to start thinking about our annual community service project- Relay for Life of Greater Gardner. Last year the FEA raised $3,035.48. The entire Gardner Relay for Life raised $778,794.94 and was ranked 7th in the US. This year it will be held on June 8th and 9th. The FEA does NOT yet have a coordinator for this event. Please consider stepping up and participating in this worthy cause. Planning meetings are held monthly at Westminster Elementary School.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Celona

Vice President


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